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How to Safely Pack and Ship Glassware

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Shipping Glassware

Packaging and shipping glassware can seem fraught with risk. However, there are a few steps you can take to help remove the stress out of the packing and shipping process.

This post examines several tips that will help you to ensure that you safely pack and ship glassware.

Which Materials Are Suitable for Cushioning and Protecting a Glass Shipment?

When shipping glass products, it is essential to cushion the contents of your package properly. Fragile products need to be separated from one another, as well as from the corners, sides, tops, and bottom of the box. Below are a few materials suitable for cushioning and protecting glass items (Source):

Small and large cell bubble sheeting is designed to protect and cushion lightweight items and can be used in multiple wraps and layers to ensure that the item is completely protected, especially around corners and edges.

Air bags are used primarily as void-fill materials for lightweight items free of sharp corners or edges.

Packing peanuts or loose fill is used primarily as void-fill materials for lightweight items, though increasingly consumers are balking at their use for environmental reasons. If you decide on this approach, use flat pieces of corrugated fiberboard between contents and peanuts to help prevent migration through the peanuts.

Here are a few quick tips to help package and ship glass without breakage (Source):

  1. Wrapping: Take each item and wrap it tightly in a minimum of 3 layers of bubble wrap. Be wary of excessive tape usage, as it can lessen the effectiveness of the air bubbles. Wrap each piece separately. This isn't the time to skimp on wrapping materials.
  2. Cushioning: Be sure to use proper cushioning material, combined with a strong outer carton to fully protect your shipment. See our blog on cardboard vs. corrugated cartons for further information. After picking a suitable carton for your shipment, use the void fill to make sure you fill all the gaps. Avoid using newspaper even if it is shredded, for the ink will transfer on to the packed item. Be sure to fill all the sides firmly, working your way to the top so that there is no wiggle room. Don't skimp on the void fill.      
  3. Shake test: You need to use enough cushioning material to ensure that the contents do not move when you shake the carton.
  4. Check for the potential for indentation: If your carton can be compressed in any way from items placed on top of it, this pressure can ultimately damage the contents. If you can press the lid in, add more stuffing to stop it from being compressed.

It's important to recognize breakage can occur even with the most careful packing job. So, be sure to ask the shipper about insurance and estimate the replacement value of the items. If you opt for insurance, keep pristine records, including photographs of the items for your own assurance (Source).

Use Water-Activated Tape For Proper Closure

Proper closure of your carton is just as important as proper cushioning for the safety and security of your shipment. Avoid using masking tape, cellophane tape, duct tape, string or paper-overwrap. Instead, use a strong, reinforced tape. Use reinforced water-activated tape to seal the lid firmly. There may be some instances where your carton lid has a special shutting mechanism, yet it is still wise to tape over it to prevent accidental opening during transit. To err on the safe-side, write "FRAGILE" and "THIS WAY UP" on the sides and top of the box.

Better Packages | Shipping Glassware

The importance of using a strong and secure tape when shipping glassware cannot be over-emphasized for it can make the difference between equipment arriving intact or not. Better Packages offers a full line of gummed tape dispensers, along with the Central® brand water-activated tape through its parent company, Intertape Polymer Group (IPG). Water-activated tape (also known as gummed tape, gum tape, Kraft paper tape, reinforced paper tape) is designed to create a superior seal on your corrugated cartons while providing advantages other carton sealing methods do not.

Central brand water-activated carton sealing tape is offered in a wide range of paper and reinforced gummed paper tape styles, roll lengths and widths to best fit your carton sealing needs

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