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Dealing with the At-Risk Customer

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 21, 2017 2:21:15 PM / by Better Packages posted in Better Packages

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When your customers are silent, do you take that as a sign they are happy? If your company has the attitude that “no news is good news” when it comes to your customers, get ready for a big surprise. No news is rarely good news.

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Why is Listening to Your Customers So Powerful?

[fa icon="calendar'] May 24, 2017 8:58:56 AM / by Better Packages posted in Better Packages

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Take a moment to listen – really listen – to your customers and they will tell you how to succeed. Companies that cultivate an organization-wide culture of listening and responding to what customers tell them have a competitive advantage.

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Ask Your Distributors What Your Customers Want

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 25, 2017 9:23:21 AM / by Better Packages posted in Better Packages

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Successful companies know how important it is to learn what customers need. One of best sources is their distributor network. Companies that want to get close to their end-users should build a network of Tier One distributors and listen to them,” advises Marc Schaible, Business Development Director for Better Packages, an IPG brand. “IPG has found that building this kind of selective authorized distributor network is critical to success. These exceptional distributors act as a bridge to customers. They are key to understanding customers’ needs and the ways a product satisfies them.”

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Lessons From the Factory Floor

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 27, 2017 1:00:00 PM / by Better Packages posted in Better Packages

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Want to make your products better? Start with your shop floor. Involve your employees early and often. They know how to make your products better. When companies make their employees a key part of their continuous quality improvement programs, they make superior products a reality, not a wish. 

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How Your Customers Can Help You Build Better Machines

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 6, 2017 1:10:30 PM / by Better Packages posted in Better Packages

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Want to manufacture a machine that builds customer loyalty? Make sure your customers help you build it. And then change it. And make it better. Companies that understand the critical role their customers can play in creating and improving their machines are the companies that last.

“By partnering with our customers over the years, we have been able to provide simple, safe packaging solutions that have created long-term customers. It’s a collaboration that has helped us evolve our products over our 100 year history to satisfy changing customer needs. We start by finding out what their needs are in terms of functionality, cost and production. Then, we design a product that not only meets their requirements, but also reflects their definition of machine excellence, “says Allen Crowe, Director of Engineering & Product Support for Better Packages, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intertape Polymer Group (IPG). In 2017, Better Packages, Inc. and IPG’s Central® brand of water-activated tape are jointly celebrating 100-year anniversaries.

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A Future Paved by a History of Quality

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 30, 2017 9:38:09 AM / by Better Packages posted in Better Packages

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In an age of disposable everything, is there still a place for products that can last decades? Two celebrated packaging brands say “YES”. Both have focused on a tradition of excellence and longevity that has allowed them to remain relevant into the 21st century.

Better Packages, and its parent company, Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) through its Central brand of water-activated tape, share a perspective on the importance of quality that is allowing them to thrive in the 21st century of electronic fulfillment.

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How Businesses Can Live to 100 and Beyond

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 21, 2016 11:51:10 AM / by Better Packages posted in Better Packages

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How does a company live to age 100 and beyond? At a time when the average lifespan of companies listed on the S&P 500 is only 15 years, what does it take to hit the century mark?   One company, Better Packages, Inc. knows. The company, based in Ansonia, CT, develops and markets equipment to dispense water-activated packaging tape. During 2017, the company will be celebrating their century mark.

Philip L. White, Better Packages' CEO, shared some thoughts on corporate longevity that can help businesses of all sizes outlast their competitors:

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