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3 Carton Sealing Facts Your Packaging Company Should Know

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By: Better Packages on April 12th, 2016

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If your packaging company is shipping out several customer packages on a regular basis, you need an effective carton sealing strategy. But how much do you really know about carton sealing? This article discusses 3 things you should know about carton sealing. 

Carton Sealing Methods

Customers Expect Packaging Excellence

Your customers are vital to the progression of your business and excellent carton sealing is just another element to provide them with the greatest service. People want a package that is properly sealed but easy to open, not damaged at the point of arrival and one that is visually appealing. 

Additionally, people also seek materials that possess recyclability quality. Advancing your business with a carton sealing method that provides your customers with all of these components will help to expand your client base and retain customers because they know you are a reliable source.

Water-activated tape is a paper-based tape that creates a permanent seal with the corrugated carton to ensure safety as well as the ability to brand every carton you send to your customers. Not only is the shipping material recyclable and strong but also has the ability to print your logo or a message of your choosing, so your customer has your business in mind and will continue to use you when satisfied with packaging and products.

Customers feel that custom packaging that displays a company's logo holds more value and will be more willing to purchase from that company on a regular basis. It's vital to have the best sealing methods to enhance the customer experience because they don't just want excellent service; they expect it. 

You Save Money With The Right Sealing Methods

Having a carton sealing strategy doesn't have to just benefit the customer, as an effective strategy can benefit your workforce as well by saving your business money. Companies often overlook the small expenses like how much tape is used to effectively seal a carton but those expenses can easily start to add up over time. 

With water-activated tape you only need one strip to ensure a permanent bond with the package where as with others like plastic pressure-sensitive tape, you'll need several strips to safeguard the package is suitably sealed. The right type of carton sealing tape can save your company money on the materials need to ensure safety and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, a permanent seal means product safety and discourages thieves from tampering with the carton without obvious signs of doing so. Therefore, your valuable products will make it through the shipping journey and provide the customer with the best quality. Also, you'll save the money it would take to replace the product and having to send another package. 

You Can Enhance Productivity In The Workforce

Productivity is another key element to enhance the workforce and can be improved with the simplicity of more efficient packaging strategies. Packing tape dispensers have advanced the workforce with the simplicity of hitting a button and receiving the right size strip needed for the carton.

With several dispenser selections available, you'll find the right size and functions that work best for your facility. Other methods, such as plastic tape that utilizes hand-held guns, hold your business back with the amount of time and tape that is needed for your daily packaging tasks.

Furthermore, handheld tape guns take a certain amount of force that over time can be tiring and cause repetitive motion injury. This can hinder the productivity process, as people need to take breaks or can't continue to work because of those injuries. A quick and easy-to-use packing tape dispenser allows your facility to simplify your methods and improve overall productivity in the workplace.  

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