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4 Tips for Shipping Bulky Furniture

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Better Packages

bulkyfurniture.pngPacking and shipping larger items like furniture is a challenge. You must take great care to protect it from getting damaged in transit. Furniture is bulky, often heavy, and rarely fits into standard sized shipping boxes.

Here are a few tips to help ensure that your furniture arrives at its destination in one piece and unscathed.

1. Choose High Quality Packaging Materials

The furniture you’re shipping is probably valuable and shipping costs are not insignificant. So, it makes sense to buy high quality packing materials to protect your investment. To start with, you need strong, thick corrugated cardboard for optimal sturdiness.

The tape you use should also be strong. This is no job for traditional pressure-sensitive tape, for it rarely provides a strong enough bond. Your best choice is water-activated tape, also known as gummed tape. It’s a paper tape coated with a starch-based adhesive that, when wet, creates a strong and permanent bond with corrugate fibers. Since your furniture is heavy, water-activated tape that is reinforced with crossing synthetic fibers to provide strength is recommended.

2. Remove Legs, Doors, and Other Fragile Pieces

Glass doors and shelves are susceptible to damage. If possible, removed them and wrap them in bubble wrap separately. The same applies to legs. When a piece of furniture is packaged on its legs it a box, they run the risk of getting broken if the carton is handled roughly.

If the legs are fixed and cannot be removed, wrap them well with bubble wrap to safeguard against impacts and shocks.

3. Add a Layer of Styrofoam Protection

Protect the sides of your furniture by surrounding it with sheets of rigid Styrofoam. You can find this at most shipping supply stores. Doing this will add protection against punctures or getting jostled. Cut the sheets to the appropriate size and tape them around the furniture.

4. Assemble the Box

Chances are, you don’t have a shipping carton big enough to fit your piece of furniture unless you’ve had some custom made. So, you’ll have to build your own. Look for large-sized sheets of corrugated cardboard from your shipping supplies vendor.

The sheets should be cut to fit tightly around the Styrofoam. Don’t seam the sheets of cardboard at the corners. Instead, bend the cardboard to create the corners and tape the sheets together along a flat surface.

At this point, you should have a box without a top or bottom. Make a lid and a bottom by cutting a cardboard sheet so that it is a few inches bigger than the opening. Fold the sides down, cut away the excess from the corners, and tape the corners together.

Place your piece of furniture on the bottom lid and seal the lid to the sides using water-activated tape. You can then put the lip on top and seal it to the sides.

Don’t forget to mark the box with “Fragile”, “handle with care”, and “this side up” warnings.

By following these tips and using top quality shipping materials like water-activated tape, you’ll be helping to ensure your customers’ satisfaction as they will receive their shipments safe and intact.

Better Packages

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