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4 Tips To Enhance Product Security For Your Packaging Company

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By: Better Packages on March 17th, 2016

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The products you are shipping to customers are critically important, so you need shipment strategies designed to keep those items safe. All packaging companies want to have the highest product security with quality carton sealing solutions that are also cost-effective. This article discusses tips to enhance product security for your packaging company. 


Think Before Using the Same Corrugated Carton Repeatedly

The strength of the corrugated carton you use matters for delivery security. Cartons that have been used multiple times are intrinsically weaker than those that are new. Old boxes may be worn down or torn in a few spots, making your products vulnerable to breakage or theft.

If thieves are lurking, you want your cartons to send the message “I am going to be difficult to break into”. Your goal is to have the thief move on to another carton that is easier to access. Monitor your cartons carefully and only reuse those that are strong and intact.

Use Effective Carton Sealing Tape

To keep your packages safe, you need a carton closure system that is effective. Some companies use plastic packaging tape, also know as plastic pressure-sensitive tape (PST), because it seems like an economical solution. However, there are hidden costs to using plastic PST.

Packers using plastic packaging tape to seal cartons often use multiple strips of tape to try to ensure package security. The volume of tape used undermines any real or perceived “cost per foot” advantage of PST. Even when using multiple strips to ward off the unscrupulous, the package is vulnerable with PST.  

Your package can be entered with no sign of tampering by having someone simply press down on the carton and slipping their hand in to take products. The incursion is easily covered up by pressing the tape down or adding another strip of tape to cover the theft.

A stronger and more effective solution is to utilize water activated tape (WAT), also known as gummed tape, to enhance package security. Water activated tape creates such a strong seal with the corrugated carton that you only need to use one strip. This effective carton sealing tape literally bonds with the corrugate and discourages theft through its tamper-evident seal. 

Cushion The Valuables With The Right Shipping Materials

If your products are valuable and fragile, you should add some cushioning in the package to avoid damage. There are many products on the market you can use to wrap your product including bubble wrap, air pillows and peanuts.

If you are sending several breakable items, make sure they are wrapped individually so they do not knock into each other causing them to break. Fill any open areas with more cushioning (also known as void fill) to make sure that products don’t come into contact with the edge of the carton.

Add An Extra Label For Better Security

Keep your packages safe by adding an extra label on the inside of the package. This will help ensure that if the label falls off or was torn off; there is an extra label for company name and address somewhere else.

Enclose an extra label, business card or letterhead with an address and phone number for both the shipper and recipient inside the package before sealing it (source).

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