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4 Ways To Protect Against Tampered Cartons

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By: Better Packages on February 9th, 2016

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Packaging theft is unfortunately a problem that happens all too often. Theft does not just consist of packages being stolen off of porches or door steps. Theft also includes carton tampering and products being stolen from cartons before ever making it to the destination. Below are a few steps you can take to protect your valuable products as they make their way to the end-user.

Protect Against Tampering

Don't Reuse Old Or Worn Cartons  

Saving money is a common business goal, but protecting your package takes precedence over shortcuts that may end up costing you more in the long run. Reusing old cartons can be dangerous to your products. An older carton has been through many hands and often traveled through several environments that can reduce the carton’s original integrity and strength. As a result, the carton is more susceptible to thieves tampering with the package. The reused carton is evident, making it a target for theft. 

Improve Carton Security By Avoiding Late Shipments

Avoid making shipments late in the week, as your cartons will sit in a large facility over the weekend when there are fewer supervisors and security can be diminished. This can lead to carton tampering. Unfortunately, unless you are using a secure carton sealing method, no one may know the carton has been tampered with until it’s delivered to the destination for opening.

Require Documented Accountability For Package Security

Require documented accountability such as sign-off of count and condition each time your shipment goes through different hands during travel. This will ensure your carton is secure as it voyages to the appropriate destination. You'll be able to track your package and take the guess out of wondering if your package made it to its destination unscathed. Also, if anything were to go wrong, you'll be able to track when and where the issue may have occurred, fix the problem and avoid issues in the future. 

Water Activated Tape For Better Carton Sealing Solutions 

According to CHUBB, one of the most effective ways to avoid package tampering is to use water-activated tape to seal your cartons(Source). Water-activated sealing solutions is made primarily of white or natural color Kraft paper tape and a starch-based adhesive. Once the adhesive is activated with water, it penetrates the corrugated carton material and forms a permanent bond with the carton. This bond is critical for product safety because the tape becomes tamper-evident, deterring anyone who may be inclined to try and explore the package contents. Cartons are protected from theft, eliminating the need for you to replace and resend lost products. Use water-activated tape for a secure bond and better carton sealing solutions that discourages theft to protect your products and helps to keep your customers happy. 

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