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4 Ways To Reduce Packaging Costs & Increase Productivity

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By: Better Packages on April 20th, 2016

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If your business includes shipping cartons to customers, it's important for you to use a carton sealing method that is cost-efficient and improves workforce productivity. This article discusses how your company can reduce packaging costs and increase productivity with the right carton sealing solutions. 

Water-Activated Tape Solutions

Save On Effective Material Costs

Companies know that controlling material costs throughout the supply chain affects overall business profitability. One area that can be overlooked is your carton sealing process. For example, the tape you are using to seal your cartons for shipping may be more expensive than you think. This is especially true if you are using plastic pressure sensitive tape.

There is a wide spectrum of plastic tape available for carton sealing, with corresponding price points, so it is difficult to generalize about specific pricing. Nonetheless, on a “per foot” basis, plastic tape is generally relatively inexpensive to purchase. However, when being used to seal cartons for transport, many packers use multiple strips of tape in an effort to keep their valuable items secure. As a result, due to the volume of use, this tape often ends up costing more.

Water-activated tape (WAT) is a carton sealing method you should consider to reduce costs and improve package security. By using WAT, you only need one strip to keep your cartons completely sealed. This paper tape literally bonds with the corrugate, and as a result, saves money on material costs. 

Faster Carton Sealing Machines

Companies that seal cartons for transport often use hand-held tape guns and plastic, pressure sensitive tape. These tape guns often feel heavier and more awkward to use over time and, as a result, slow workers down. The plastic tape often tangles and workers must interrupt their work flow and struggle to find the beginning of the tape so they can proceed with their carton sealing. All of these problems result in reduced productivity.

Conversely, water-activated tape used in conjunction with a water-activated tape dispenser is considerably more productive than using a tape gun. A research study done by an independent testing facility, SGS North America, found that carton sealing productivity was 21% higher using water-activated tape plus a dispenser.* This is a strong recommendation for considering water-activated tape as your carton sealing solution.

Protect Your Cartons With Permanent Seal

Since WAT forms a permanent bond with the corrugated carton, it protects your products throughout the shipping journey. WAT maintains its seal under the environmental extremes of cold, heat, high humidity and dust, providing you with the peace of mind you want when you are sending items throughout the world.

The strong bond of WAT makes it impossible to tamper with the package without leaving signs of evidence. This discourages theft and saves your company the cost associated with replacing stolen items.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction 

It’s hard to quantify the costs associated with customer dissatisfaction, but we all know it is high. These days, dissatisfied customers often share their unhappiness on social media. 80% of people will not buy from companies with negative reviews. Customer dissatisfaction equals lost revenue opportunities from current and future customers.

One way to keep your customers happy and the revenue flowing is to make sure that the products that you ship to customers arrive intact. By using WAT for your carton sealing, there will be no carton incursion, improving customer trust and satisfaction. Since using water-activated tape reduces material costs, improves worker productivity, protects your product and improves customer satisfaction, it certainly makes sense to give it a try for your business.

Check out the link below to try this cost-effective solution that increases productivity and saves you money. 

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