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Benefits Of Gummed Tape For Shipping Bulky Furniture

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By: Better Packages on September 29th, 2016

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Heavy furniture can be difficult to ship. Most pieces are intricate and bulky; therefore strong carton sealing solutions are needed so the furniture arrives undamaged, staying in brand new condition. Utilizing carton sealing gummed tape will protect the furniture as the water activated tape (WAT) creates a permanent bond with the corrugated carton, guaranteeing the most effective seal. This article will explain further the benefits of gummed paper tape for bulky furniture so you can ensure pristine products and excellent customer satisfaction.

Gummed Tape For Bulky Furniture

Gummed Tape Advances Strength 

One obvious element you need when shipping heavy and bulky furniture is a shipping tape that is strong enough to withstand the weight. Water activated tape is made primarily of white or natural color Kraft paper tape and a starch-based adhesive. The tape is available in various widths and thicknesses and when reinforced, contains multiple layers of fiberglass. Once the adhesive is activated with water, it penetrates the corrugated carton material and forms a permanent bond with the carton. This bond is critical for product safety because the strong seal eliminates the carton intrusion without detection and eliminates the possibility of the tape to peel off.  

The shipping tape strength will also keep the furniture in optimal condition as it will not fall out of the carton and accrue damages. Additionally, the carton sealing strength also deters theft or product tampering by providing a tamper evident seal. This ensures no one is handling the product directly during the shipping process until the carton is opened by the consumer. 

Improved Quality Satisfaction 

Your customers tell you loud and clear if their furniture arrives marred. You are then faced with expensive pick-ups and re-delivery, which erodes your profit margins. Furniture manufacturers are increasingly realizing the power of using quality shipping materials such as corrugated cartons, gummed packing tape dispensers and water activated tape to ensure that the furniture arrives exactly as their customers want. A securely sealed, protected package is the first step to a satisfied customer.

WAT Enhances Efficiency And Profitability

Along the same lines as customer satisfaction, your industry loses a significant amount of money when the products need to be sent back and re-delivered. However, keeping your products safe is just one part of increasing profitability. As a furniture manufacturer, you know how important efficiency is to your profitability. Improving efficiency at the production and distribution level will help reduce costs and increase overall output. Water activated electric tape dispensers are designed to excel in demanding, fast-paced shipping and packaging environments to improve efficiency and overall, your industry's profitability. 

Better Packages | Gummed Tape 

Furniture has been sold in large furniture showrooms, but like the rest of the retail world, this is changing rapidly.  While only 5% of the furniture industry’s $100B revenue comes from online sales, this percentage is expected to grow rapidly in the near term.* Customers buying furniture online expect their purchases to arrive in perfect condition, undamaged by the delivery process.  

One way to reduce your carton sealing risk is to use gummed tape in conjunction with one of Better Packages’ many water activated tape dispensers. Better Packages tape dispensers and water activated tapes are the ultimate carton sealing solution, providing your cartons with the strength they need.

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