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Disadvantages Of Not Purchasing Quality Carton Sealing Tape

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By: Better Packages on June 7th, 2016

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Companies that regularly deal with packaging and shipping understand that having quality carton sealing methods is important for workforce efficiency. However, not all businesses are utilizing the effective methods available. With the right quality packaging tape, your company can save money and enhance workplace productivity. This article discusses the disadvantages of not purchasing quality carton sealing tape.  


Broken/Stolen Packaging Products

Using an ineffective carton sealing tape can result in damaged or stolen products. Your cartons pass through several hands before they ultimately make it to the end customer. In that time, if you do not have quality packaging tape to properly seal the carton, your outer carton might get damaged and more importantly, the products inside are at risk.

As your packages pass through varying environments, the carton sealing integrity can be compromised. Your products could easily fall out of the carton or provide an opportunity for someone to steal them without leaving any signs of tampering. 

When water-activated tape (WAT) is applied to a corrugated carton, it permanently bonds with the carton and provides a tamper-evident seal. Cartons are protected from theft, eliminating the need to replace and resend the products. Furthermore, the seal from water activated packing tape is able to withstand varying climatic conditions to improve carton security. This keeps your products safe and your customers happy.

Loss Of Productivity/Injured Workers 

As a business that sends packages every day, you need the right materials to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Many businesses use hand-held tape guns with plastic, pressure sensitive tape to seal their cartons because it is perceived as a less expensive alternative to other sealing options.

However, there is a high risk of repetitive motion injury to workers who are using hand-held tape guns. Unlike, for example, water-activated tape dispensers that automatically cut and dispense the tape, hand-held tape guns with plastic packaging tape are heavy and awkward to use over time.

The wrist action used to apply the tape to the carton can eventually stress the forearm and result in repetitive motion injury to your workers. Repetitive motion injury adds to a business’ medical costs, reduces worker productivity and often results in the need to hire and train new workers.

Spending Too Much On Packaging Materials

With water activated packaging tape, only one strip is required for a permanent seal, unlike plastic tape which are often wrapped with multiple strips for one carton. The initial cost for plastic tape may seem like an inexpensive option but it actually costs more in the long run.

Plastic, pressure sensitive tape simply “sits” on top of the carton and does not create a secure seal and as a result, several strips of tape are required (which still do not create the desired secure seal). On the other hand, water-activated tape is a cost-effective investment when you wish to obtain a proper seal. 

WAT is made from Kraft paper tape and is often fortified with multiple layers with fiberglass reinforcement to provide added strength. Since you only need one strip of tape to form a secure seal your material costs are actually lower.

Fewer Branding Opportunities For Your Packaging Company

Water activated packing tape makes branding easy, and can save you money, especially in comparison to branding directly on shipping cartons. Having customers recognize and remember your company name is critical for businesses growth.

If you use water activated tape, you can easily print your logo or a message right on the tape in either full color or black and white. This keeps your brand front and center when your carton arrives at your customer’s home or office. 

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