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How the Well-Dressed Box Brings Repeat  E-Commerce Customers

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By: Better Packages on September 14th, 2017

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Looking for a way to engage e-commerce customers and bring them back for a second time?  Make sure that opening the package is an experience they won’t forget. Packages that tell you brand's story can enhance the user experience and bring them back for more. 


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 For e-commerce businesses, the shipped package is the company's billboard and represents the best and most personal customer touch point.  But most e-commerce shippers don’t use it well.  That’s not to say that strong packaging - corrugated cartons sealed with water-activated tape for strength and security – shouldn’t be an e-commerce shippers’ first priority.  But why waste the opportunity to make better packaging part of the excitement of opening an e-commerce “gift?”  We all know the thrill of a well-packaged birthday or holiday gift.  Why shouldn’t an e-commerce delivery feel the same?

 Making your package an experience provides additional value for an e-commerce customer.  And they appreciate it.  So much so that there’s a whole genre of YouTube videos called “unboxing videos” that glorify and share the joy of opening an e-commerce delivery. Clips of people tearing into packages are among the fastest growing video categories on YouTube, getting an estimated 10 billion views monthly, according to Tubefilter .

 Want your packaging to be Unboxing-Video worthy?  Here are a few tips:

 Distinctive Cartons – When a unique and branded package arrives at a customer’s door, it kicks off the excitement of opening it.  “The shipping box represents the biggest opportunity to begin creating that wow experience...” says e-commerce blogger Richard Lazazzera.

 Choose a strong, corrugated carton with graphics that kick-start the branding experience.  Both LL Bean and Crate & Barrel know this well.  Who doesn’t want to rip into a box with rugged LL Bean logos when it shows up on their doorstep?  Or look forward to opening the iconic Crate & Barrel package that greets you at the end of the day?   We found eight unboxing videos on YouTube for the LL Bean boots alone, some of which had over 2000 views.

 Branded Tape – Today’s packaging tapes do more than securely seal the box.  They contribute to the look of the package and make it a messenger of the brand.  Choose secure, water-activated tape that gives you the option to add a promotional message on the tape itself.   This delivers a couple of financial benefits to your company; it saves money because you don't have to pay for the custom printing on the corrugated box, which in turn allows you to buy your cartons on the open market.  You also have the flexibility of changing your messaging easily.   The largest online seller uses a number of distinctive water-activated tapes with different messages that both enhance the look of the box and promote their latest offerings.

 Tissue Paper – Once someone opens the box, you can still make the unboxing experience feel like opening a gift.  Consider wrapping your products in tissue paper which packaging blogger Richard Lazazzera says “…adds an extra level of mystery and excitement to the unboxing experience.”  The tissues can be custom printed or carry your brand’s colors into the box.  Want to make it extra special?  Seal the tissue with a logoed sticker that adds an inexpensive, yet elegant touch that enhances the unwrapping experience.

 Filler - Traditional filler types are Styrofoam packing peanuts, foam inserts, air pillows or bubble wrap. Here you’re balancing safety, sustainability and experience.  We believe the air pillow offers the best balance of both.  It protects the contents of the package, gives a clean, uncluttered look to the inside of the package and is frequently recyclable.  These air pillows also allow for brand interaction should you choose to customize the message on the air pillow. 

 Promotional Material/Business Card – Believe it or not, most unboxing videos include someone holding this item up to the camera and even reading it.  So why not add a simple “thank you” card or promotional insert to your next e-commerce shipment?  How about a card that offers the recipient (or a friend) a discount on their next order?  It’s an inexpensive and personal way of solidifying your relationship with that e-commerce customer. 

 Gift/sample - A small gift or sample of another of your products is a great way to enhance the unboxing experience by adding a little wonder.  Cosmetics e-commerce vendors like Sephora use these little gifts to surprise and delight their customers.  Not surprisingly, they also encourage customer to try something new. E-commerce customers have already decided to buy from you.  Why not cross-sell them with something else in the package that they didn’t expect?

 The well-dressed package engages your e-commerce customers from the moment it hits their doorstep.  Use these tips as an extension of your brand and as a way to involve them with you.  When done well, distinctive packaging effectively tells your story and encourages repeat business from your existing customers.

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Better Packages offers a complete line of water-activated tape dispensers.  Its parent company, Intertape Polymer Group, sells a full line of Central® brand water-activated tape, including reinforced and non-reinforced tape.  IPG has the in-house capability to customize your company's message on the top of every box, adding to the user experience while enhancing your gross profits. 

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