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How to Ship Clothes Your Customers Will Want to Wear Right Out of the Box

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By: Better Packages on September 8th, 2017

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For e-commerce clothing vendors, the sale isn’t done until the customer opens the box and puts on the clothes.  That opened box is the last customer touch-point they have with an e-commerce vendor.  To make the most of this, those who sell and ship clothes need to make sure that they arrive ready to wear.  That means they aren’t wrinkled or damaged in during the delivery process. “Shipping is an essential element in a strong e-commerce business,” says Laura Berk, Head of Marketing and Customer Success at Shippo, and we agree. 

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 Here are some tips to make sure your clothes arrive ready to wear and ready to delight your customers right out of the box:

The box – Choose a strong, corrugated cardboard box that’s not oversized or undersized.  Because most shipping couriers and shipping options charge based on size and weight, e-commerce vendors do their best to keep their packages as small as possible.  But don’t make the mistake of choosing a box that is too small or it could open during shipping. "You want to use the minimum amount of space you can.  Package for safety and density, and put [your items] in an appropriate box for the load," advises Kevin Lathrop, Chief Executive Office for Unishippers, a shipping adviser for over 50,000 customers.

Labeling the box – Apply the shipping label before packing and sealing the box.  Clothing tends to plump up a box.  If you attach the label after the clothing is tightly packed in the box, it may not adhere properly running the risk of peeling off during shipping.

Inside the box – Fold, don’t roll, clothing before placing it in the box.  Well-folded clothing arrives at the customer’s doorstep wrinkle-free. Rolled clothing comes out of the box crumpled and sends the wrong message to a customer who’s just dying to try it on.  Once your clothes are correctly folded, choose an extra layer of protection such as an air pillow to place on top of it.  This shields the clothing against water damage during transit.  Air pillows also fill a void in the package without adding weight.  This means the clothing won’t shift during shipping.

 Sealing the box – Secure the box with water-activated tape.  This offers the most secure seal and the best protection against theft.  This tape is available in various grades and styles, one being reinforced with synthetic fibers, making it stronger and more adhesive than other tapes.  It actually bonds to the surface of the box. And be generous with your use of tape.  “…using an excess of tape can save your clothing from disappearing.  Packaging can get ripped and torn in a busy depots, so never spare the tape,” advises Nathanael Rush in his blog post for ParcelHero.

 Customers who order clothing on line tend to think of their purchases as gifts they send to themselves.  Make sure to surprise and delight them when they open their next box from you.    

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