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Online Furniture Buying: Exceeding Packaging and Delivery Expectations

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By: Better Packages on December 13th, 2016

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Buying new furniture is a significant investment. Consumers expect that the furniture they purchase, whether from the showroom or online, will arrive at their home in pristine condition. As buying furniture online becomes more prevalent, it's critical that companies, at a minimum, meet customer’s expectations. This article explains strategic ways online furniture companies can exceed expectations in the packaging and delivery process. 


Safe Packaging And Delivery

It’s disheartening to receive highly-anticipated furniture in a damaged carton. A damaged carton is opened with trepidation to see if the furniture inside is damaged too. When this is the case, customers are disappointed and frustrated. To help avoid damage and meet customer expectations, companies should utilize effective protective packaging materials, such as corrugated cartons and water-activated tape, to keep the items safe throughout the shipping process.  

Corrugated cartons are made up of three layers of paper that include an inside liner, an outside liner, and fluting with a ruffled shape, which runs in between the two. This type of material enhances the packaging process in many ways. It is durable and lightweight. It provides product protection. It is cost-effect and environmentally friendly.

Water-activated tape (WAT) also known as gummed tape, is made primarily of white or natural color (Kraft) paper and a starch-based adhesive. This packaging tape is available in various widths and thicknesses and, when reinforced, contains extra strong fiberglass yarns that are bonded between high tensile strength sheets. Once the adhesive is activated with water, the adhesive penetrates the corrugated carton material and forms a permanent bond with the carton. This bond is critical for product safety because the strong seal prevents undetected carton intrusion along with the possibility of the tape peeling and permitting items to fall out.

Speedy Delivery 

Your business’ carton sealing process can be more productive with water-activated tape and the packaging tape dispenser. This carton sealing tape creates such a strong bond with the corrugated carton that your packers will only need to apply one strip to achieve a permanent seal. This is a real time-saver. Plastic pressure-sensitive tape, the most commonly used hand-applied carton sealing solution, often requires several tape strips. In fact, studies have shown that using WAT with a WAT dispenser is 21% more productive than using a hand-held tape gun with plastic, pressure sensitive tape. Click here for study results.

With improved productivity and time saved, you'll be able to send your packages to your customers quickly, making them pleased with the quality of your service.  

Quality Packaging Appearance

Keeping products safe during the shipping process is paramount, but one way to delight your customers is to make sure your carton’s packaging appearance is aesthetically appealing. An attractive carton reinforces the wisdom of the purchase decision and of buying from your brand. A professional appearance helps meet customer's expectations, but a stylish appeal will exceed them. Consider displaying your brand directly on the package. By using water-activated tape, a company is easily able to print its logo or a message right on the tape, in either full color or in black and white. This keeps your brand front and center when your carton arrives at your customer’s home or office. 


Better Packages | Furniture Packaging And Delivery 

Historically, furniture was sold primarily in large furniture showrooms, but like the rest of the retail world, this is changing. While only 5% of the U.S. furniture industry’s $100B revenue comes from online sales, this percentage is expected to grow rapidly in the near term.

One way to reduce your carton sealing risk is to use gummed tape in conjunction with one of Better Packages’ many water activated tape dispensers. Better Packages tape dispensers and water activated tapes are the ultimate carton sealing solution, providing your cartons with the strength they need.

Is your packaging and delivery process exceeding your customers' expectations? Click below for more information and to find a solution for your business. 

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