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Shipping Heavy Packages Using Reinforced Packing Tape

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By: Better Packages on November 21st, 2016

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Holing Boxes with Water Activated Tape

On any given day, millions of cartons and packages are being shipped across the globe. While many packages are light, items such as furniture, sporting goods, automotive aftermarket parts add significant weight to your carton, and as a result, can be more challenging to ship.

Heavier merchandise requires well-considered shipping materials to keep items in pristine condition throughout the transportation process. One solution is to use water-activated reinforced packing tape because it adds strength to your carton seal. This article describes how utilizing reinforced tape when shipping heavy packages is a good business decision.

Reinforced Packing Tape Reduces Cost of Damaged Items 

Using reinforced packing tape significantly reduces product damage during transit. Reinforced tape literally bonds to corrugate and creates a permanent seal. The carton will not "bust-open", as many often do when sealed with plastic, pressure-sensitive tape. Your merchandise arrives intact, thereby reducing product replacement and shipping costs.

Meeting Customer’s Expectations

Consumers are increasingly demanding about the speed with which they receive their online purchases. Many consumers monitor their purchases via shipping tracking codes and are understandably disappointed if their items are damaged or lost upon receipt.

Want to know more about the benefits of water-activated reinforced packing tape? Check out this guide:

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There are high business costs associated with unhappy customers including negative online reviews, additional return and shipping costs, and a general “lack of trust” with the company sending the goods. Shipping heavy packages using reinforced tape assures that products arrive presentable and intact; not to mention it greatly improves the probability of satisfied and repeat customers.  

No Wasted Resources

Shipping heavy packages can quickly become expensive because many packing tapes are not able to withstand large, weight-bearing loads when packed with plastic, pressure sensitive tape. As a result, the manufacturer shipping heavy items direct to businesses or consumers may use more boxes and more tape than needed, wasting money and resources.

Sealing your cartons with reinforced packing tape allows heavier items to fit in fewer cartons. To demonstrate the strength of reinforced packing tape, we are sharing a photo of one of our employees being lifted in a carton sealed with water-activated tape. Now that's strong tape. 


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