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The Time is Now to Switch to Water-Activated Tape

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By: Better Packages on March 12th, 2018

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Shippers looking for product security, a professional image and packer productivity are turning to water-activated tape.  In a recent interview with Jeffrey Deacon, Better Packages’ Sr. Director Global Business Development, Deacon shared customer feedback on why they switched from plastic shipping tape to water-activated tape.  In Jeff’s role, he spends most of his time with customers; learning their businesses, coming up with solutions to improve their packing stations and helping them increase the efficiencies of their shipping processes. 


He gave us three reasons customers said they had for switching to water-activated tape: product security, the need for a more professional image for their delivered goods and an emphasis on packer productivity.  “Customers’ pain points revolve around these issues,” he says.  “They have experienced pilferage in transit; find their delivered products don’t showcase their images well and worry about the expense and capacity they have to fulfill orders.”

 Let’s take a look at each of these pain points, and examine why water-activated tape helped shippers respond to them:

Pilferage in transit – The use of water-activated tape makes it much tougher for anyone to open the package as it moves through the supply chain.  Water-activated packaging tape has a starch-based adhesive that actually bonds to the carton.  Anyone trying the remove it will destroy the box and make evidence of their tampering very obvious.

Poor image of the delivered product – Water-activated tape preserves the integrity of the box during transit and has the added benefit of enhancing the shipper’s brand  image with customized printing on the tape.  That means shippers that use water-activated tape know their products will be delivered in a box that survives the rigors of the supply chain intact, protecting the product and their image.  In addition, water-activated tape can be custom printed, enhancing a shipper’s brand with their logo, slogan or a unique message.

Packer productivity – The good news is that more and more products are being ordered and delivered to people’s homes.  The bad news is that keeping up with today’s accelerated shipping demands can stretch any delivery station’s capability.  Water-activated tape dispensed through a Better Packages electric dispenser improves packer productivity by reducing packer movements and delivering just the right amount of tape needed.  Packers are actually 21 percent more productive using water-activated tape as compared to plastic tape, according to testing by SGS North America.  

We asked Jeff to summarize the reasons shippers switch to water-activated tape.  Here’s what he said: “Customers who switch from plastic carton sealing tape to water-activated tape told us they immediately realize benefits including reduced product pilferage, improved professional image, increased productivity in their fulfillment operations and a safer work environment.”

For a comparison of plastic tape and water-activated tape, go to www.Better Packages.com and click on “Is Your Shipping Tape Providing an Optimal ROI?”

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