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The Unique Demands of Shipping Fine Jewelry Purchased Online

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By: Better Packages on February 9th, 2018

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Would someone buy a 5 carat diamond online?  Or a strand of pearls? 

Leading companies in the jewelry business like Tiffany, Harry Winston and Mikimoto say yes.  And they are already positioning themselves to take advantage of this accelerating trend.

Others in the luxury jewelry business are jumping on the bandwagon too, as industry insiders forecast a growing trend towards online luxury jewelry sales

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There’s no question that the fine jewelry market’s acceptance of e-commerce has been slower than other aspects of retail. That’s changing.

“Growth in the global jewelry market is being fueled by the shift to e-commerce,” according to a piece in Forbes called “As Fine Jewelry Moves Online, The Market Sparkles.” 

The article cites statistics from Research and Markets that forecasts that the market for online fine jewelry sales will grow to capture 10 percent of all jewelry sales by 2020. 

Given that this market was $257 billion in 2017 (and growing at five percent a year), that’s a significant amount. Hence, the interest of industry icons like Tiffany & Co. in getting involved in online sales. 

For retailers looking to jump into this market, there are significant challenges especially when it comes to protecting their precious cargo from the dangers of the supply chain.  They will need to find ways to insure the security and safety of these expensive shipments as they travel to consumers’ front doors. 

Retailers of fine jewelry need to know their customers’ purchases will arrive intact and safely.  They need to feel confident that no one will access the carton’s contents during transport and that the integrity of the box is maintained.

Water-activated packaging tape in conjunction with a Better Packages’ electric water-activated packaging tape dispenser is a powerful tool to do just that.

Water-activated tape (WAT) provides the security and strength that such expensive items deserve and customers expect. 


 A Barrier Against Theft

Fine jewelry travels in a small package, placing it at high risk for theft.  As these packages move through the supply chain, retailers need to know that they won’t be easy targets for theft.  Water-activated packaging tape is tamper-evident and forms a complete bond with the carton itself, allowing for maximum strength and security.


 A Protector Against the Elements

Water-activated tape is reinforced with crossing fibers and has an adhesive that “welds” to corrugate boxes.  Water-activated tape has a starch-based adhesive that aggressively bonds to corrugated cartons, even in dusty or dirty environments.  It protects against extremes in cold, heat, light and humidity that the shipment might be exposed to.  This gives retailers the assurance that their packages will arrive intact and ready to delight their customers.


 Get Ready for Growth in On-Line Jewelry Sales

Up-and-coming segments of consumers are online savvy and expect to get what they want with the swipe of their phones or a click of their mouse.  Retailers of online fine jewelry will need to be ready to meet the expectations of this demanding group of consumers. 

Projections are that online jewelry sales will continue to flourish steadily for the next few years.  Retailers who understand the challenges of shipping jewelry safely and securely will be in a position to take advantage of that growth.


If you would like to try water-activated tape, get in touch below for pricing and more information!

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