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What Are The Advantages Of Using Gummed Tape?

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By: Better Packages on August 30th, 2016

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Gummed TapeMillions of cartons are filled, sealed and shipped by companies large and small every day. Proper carton sealing is a critical component to ensure that each carton reaches its destination intact. While high quality plastic, pressure-sensitive tape gets the job done quickly, it is susceptible to peeling away from corrugated boxes. It doesn’t offer tamper evidence or security against pilferage. Plastic, pressure sensitive tape might be the right choice for some shipping situations, however, it’s not the ideal carton sealing solution for all.

If your packages require security and strength, gummed tape may be the solution you’ve been seeking. Gummed tape, also known as water-activated tape has multiple benefits versus plastic tape. Reinforced gummed tape is stronger. You can brand it with your logo on it. It’s even safer…repetitive stress injuries are reduced because your packers are not using a hand-held tape gun. When you use reinforced gummed tape with a Better Pack tape dispenser, you will dispense the tape with either an electric dispenser or a manual dispenser. Both are very simple-to-use and do not require repetitive motion that a hand-held tape gun does.

This post will explain, in greater detail, the advantages of using gummed tape for your carton sealing operations.

Tamper Evident Seal Provides Peace Of Mind

Reinforced gummed tape protects the contents of the package from being tampered with by creating a bond between the adhesive and the corrugate. This bond is created by using two layers of paper and a cross-pattern of fiberglass filaments laminated in between, gummed tape provides total tamper evidence.

Once the tape is activated with water, the bond between the carton and tape creates a permanent carton seal. Any signs of tampering will be evident.

Well Suited for Over/Under-filled Cartons

Using plastic tape, staples, or glue to seal overfilled cartons is not effective. However, when gummed tape is used with a tape machine, it quickly adheres to the carton, making it possible to consistently seal overfilled cartons with ease.

Conversely, if cartons are under-filled (when the carton flaps can be pressed down or the box can collapse), reinforced gummed tape holds the carton’s flaps closed securely, giving the carton another layer of strength.

Harsh Conditions Aren’t A Problem

If you have worked extensively with pressure-sensitive tapes or adhesives, you likely understand that dust or varying temperatures (both hot and cold) can dramatically undermine the quality of the tape seal. Gummed tape is inherently durable, with the ability to withstand a wide variety of environmental factors including extreme cold and heat, dust, and dirt.

Cost-Effective Solution

Using gummed tape to seal a carton is a cost-effective method. Because gummed tape creates a permanent bond with the carton, you only need one strip of tape for a secure seal. With plastic-pressure sensitive tape and a hand-help tape gun, one strip of tape is rarely used to seal a carton. Packers often use 3+ strips of tape to close one side of a carton. Independent research testing demonstrated that the average amount of tape needed to seal a single carton using gummed tape was 8% less than using PST.*

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* Click here for Independent Research Testing or check out the link below to see if your old shipping tape is losing your business money. 

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