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What Are the Benefits of Manual Water-Activated Tape Dispensers?

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By: Better Packages on September 5th, 2017

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Manual Water-Activated Tape DispenserAre you currently using hand-held tape guns to seal your cartons? If so, you are likely missing out on the productivity and portable benefits of an manual tape dispenser with water-activated tape.

These machines are suitable for facilities that do not always have access to power and are packaging under 50 cartons a day.

Manual water-activated tape dispensers can help improve productivity and offer several unique advantages. 

Before discussing the benefits of manual tape dispensers, it's important to understand what water-activated tape has to offer.

What is Water-Activated Tape?

Water-activated tape (WAT) is also known as gummed tape. It is made of paper with reinforced crossing synthetic fibers for its strength and it has a water-based chemical adhesive that bonds to the surface of the box. Paper-only WAT is best suit for light cartons.  A variation on paper tape is reinforced water-activated tape.  This contains several layers of paper tape plus reinforced crossing synthetic fibers to add strength is used for heavier parcels.  When water is applied to the adhesive, a capillary action adheres the tape to the carton, creating a permanent bond.

Manual Dispensers Require Little to No Operator Training

Some of the more basic manual dispensers come with a “pull and tear” operation that makes them a suitable option for environments where packing is not a daily activity.

There are models that allow you to draw the length of the tape you need by setting tape lengths in advance— essentially, you set the length required, pull a lever , and the tape is wet and cut and ready to use to seal the box.  It’s simple.  Manual tape dispensers are suitable for companies that don’t have high packaging and shipping volumes. 

Manual Dispensers are Portable and Don't Require Electricity 

Manual water-activated tape dispensers do not require electricity to function and have the benefit of working in areas with few to no electrical outlets.   This means they can be easily integrated into any packaging station.  Manual tape dispensers are more portable than their electric counterparts, though this varies depending on the model you choose. .

Avoid the Disadvantages Associated With Hand-Held Tape Guns

There are many reasons the businesses use hand-held tape guns with plastic, pressure sensitive tape to seal their cartons.  They are portable and convenient to use.  Tape guns are relatively inexpensive and appear, on first blush, to be a less expensive carton sealing solution.  Also, most people are familiar with them and therefore little to no training is required.    

However, hand-held tape guns with plastic tape have several significant disadvantages.  To ensure closure, packer's often use several strips of tape on the carton.  This repetitive motion reduces packer productivity and increases material costs.  Plastic tape often tears and when it does, it is difficult to find the starting point so that taping can proceed.  This reduces packer productivity.  

Tape guns also promote a significant medical issue; carpal tunnel syndrome.  Tape guns become heavy and awkward to use over time, fatiguing and slowing down the packer.  The stress of the weight of the tape gun along with the repetitive flicking of the wrist can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, also known as repetitive stress injury.  If a worker develops this problem, the worker may be sidelined or need surgery and the business will incur increased medical costs and possibly worker leave of absence.  


Better Packages | Manual Packaging Tape Dispensers

Better Packages offers a complete line of water-activated dispensers, both manual and electric.  Its parent company, Intertape Polymer Group, sells a full line of Central® water-activated tape, including reinforced and non-reinforced.  

Are you interested in determining what type of dispenser is right for your company’s application? To help you in the decision-making process, click here to take a quick quiz and we’ll provide you with dispenser recommendations based upon your situation.Better Packages' tape dispensing machines are sold internationally through a global certified Distributor network. Dispensers can also be purchased through a variety of industrial catalogs. Contact Us to find a variety of Authorized Sources.
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Founded in 1917, Better Packages is a leading manufacturer of tabletop water-activated tape (WAT) dispensers used in carton sealing. Better Packages’ product line includes auto-dispensing electric machines that are used in high volume fulfillment centers, as well as manual dispensers. In the U.S., Better Packages sells through multiple channels that include industrial and packaging distributors and catalog wholesalers, as well as direct to end-user customers. Its distribution network consists of over 160 authorized distributors including Tier 1 shipping and packaging. Better Packages also has another 50 international distributors that service over 70 countries. Better Packages is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intertape Polymer Group (IPG), an acknowledged leader in the packaging industry. IPG sells a full line of Central® water-activated tape, as well as many other premier packaging products.