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Which Factors Influence The Cost Of Carton Sealing Machines?

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By: Better Packages on June 9th, 2016

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It's a common goal in both business and personal matters to want to save money and find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for specific needs. Certainly this is the case as you look into the best carton sealing methods for your business. Investigating the factors that influence the cost of carton sealing materials and equipment will help you choose not only the most effective but also the one that best suits your specific packaging needs. 

The Tape Dispensing Solution Being UsTape Dispensing Solution ed

The tape being used plays a major role when factoring in the costs of carton sealing machines. For example, plastic pressure-sensitive tape is commonly dispensed through hand-held tape guns. While these tape guns are inexpensive, they are easy to lose and break frequently.
Also, the plastic tape being dispensed from the tape gun, while inexpensive on a per foot basis, does not form a permanent bond to the corrugate. As a result, several strips of tape are required to create the semblance of a secure seal. In short, plastic tape and the dispensing mechanism used for it may appear to be an inexpensive option, but costs more in the long run to achieve your strength or security packaging objectives.

Consider water activated tape and its gummed tape dispensers because this solution offers strength, security, employee safety, and professional appearance while also being cost-effective. Water activated shipping tape dispensers are built to last and the packaging tape provides a permanent seal with one strip so you'll ultimately save money by increasing the security of your packages.

Manual Or Electric Tape Dispenser 

Another element that influences the cost of equipment is the functionality of a water activated tape dispenser. There are many types of shipping tape dispenser styles available, with a variety of price points. As a result, it can be difficult to know which is best for your business. 

Manual dispensers are a good solution for businesses shipping only a few packages. These dispensers do not need electricity to function and may be useful when you need to move the dispenser from one location to another. A simple machine, manual dispensers often have preset tape lengths that you can choose from, on clearly marked dials, so you can get the desired length of paper tape you need for a permanent seal. 

An electric tape dispenser provides an efficient and easy solution for medium-to high-volume environments that seal and package more than 50-100 cartons per day. Electric tape dispensers are quick and reliable. All you need to do is press the button for the exact tape length you need and it will be dispensed. 

Added Tape Dispensing Features

Many carton sealing machines offer the prospect of added features and accessories. These offer unique benefits to the user that may be useful to your business. One productivity-enhancing feature to look for is an Automatic Tape Advance feature. With this feature, once a piece of tape is removed from the shipping tape dispenser, another automatically advances. Some other time and money saving features and accessories to look for include: 

  • Programmable dispensers that allow your dispenser to connect with computer software for fulfillment efficiency.
  • Equipment that accommodates tape widths up to 4”.
  • The Tape Aerial accessory that helps deliver tape in an upright position for easy handling and placement. 
  • The Code Taper accessory allows for custom printing directly onto the water-activated tape as it is dispensed. 
  • An Automatic Measuring Device (AMD) allows you to automatically measure and dispense the perfect length of water-activated tape.
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